Defender TD5


40% increase in power and less diesel fuel consumption due to high capacity intercooler combined with reprogramming the injection system.

Performance Parts

  • Reprogramming of the ECU
  • Large front mounted Intercooler
  • EGR removal kit
  • Silicone hose kit
  • "Free flow" washable air filter
  • Silencer replacement pipe - Stainless Steel

Bespoke Alloy Replacement Parts

  • Optimised radiator
  • Long range auxiliary fuel / water tanks
  • Alloy water header tank
  • Alloy power steering reservoir
  • Alloy washer tank

Land Rover Defender

  • air filter housing
    air filter housing
  • alloy radiator
    alloy radiator
  • alloy radiator + fan
    alloy radiator + fan
  • EGR removal
    EGR removal
  • alloy header tabk
    alloy header tank
  • silicone hose
    silicone hose
  • intercooler
  • performance hose
    performance hose
  • stainless steel exhaust
    stainless steel exhaust
  • uprated trubocharger
    uprated turbocharger
  • upgraded manifold
    upgraded manifold
  • power steering reserve
    power steering reserve
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